Pintxos y Tapas

Pintxos y Tapas

Spanish Pintxos & Tapas

Explore our ideas for making the World’s finest Tapas Mediterranean tapas easy to prepare using quality Mediterranean products, Shop at the Mediterranean supermarket buy wholesale from Ireland’s leading wholesaler, Watch the video to catch some trendy ideas and explore our Mediterranean recipes providing taste of the Mediterranean and of course the Mediterranean Diet

Chapter I

Ham and Green Pepper pincho

– Txaka (Surimi) with Prawn pincho

– Eels with Quail Egg pincho

– Mushroom Pincho with Spanish Ham

Morcilla de Burgos with Peppers pincho

Chapter II

Chistorra (Spanish Sausage) pincho

– Stuffed Mushrooms pincho

– Tuna with Piparra peppers pincho

– Salmon & gurkin Pincho

Foie & Apple pincho

Chapter III

– Langoustine skewer pincho

– Tuna taco pincho

Jamón Ibérico tartar pincho

Goats cheese pincho

Russian Salad Pincho