The world of CAVA – within your reach.
We offer the finest selection of Cava from Catalunya in association with the Cava academy we offer probably the best Cavas available over the past few years cava as Exceeded the sales of champagne in The USA, Cava is produced as a high quality product like champagne using the same producing procedure.
Are you passionate about Cava? Do you want to find out more about this handcrafted quality Spanish sparkling wine? Visit our website and learn about its history, and its meticulous production using the traditional method. Thanks to this process, Cava is consistently one of the best sparkling wines in the world. Internationally renowned and available in more than 100 countries, Cava is the most widely exported sparkling wine with a Spanish Designation of Origin.
Discover its secrets, and everything you need to know to extract maximum pleasure from those marvellous bubbles… because we understand that the more you learn about a product, the more you enjoy tasting it.
Knowing every step in the making of Cava, and visiting the place where it comes from in person, will help you to recognise its excellence, so you can choose your favourite option from all the types and categories available.
Visit the land steeped in local tradition and bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, which nurtures the grapes destined to be made into this high-quality sparkling wine. Explore the new zoning of the vineyards that gives Cava its identity and authenticity.
And if gastronomy is another of your passions, try out the finest recipes and discover the incredible versatility of Cava to match with every flavour of the world.
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